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Community Center view, Frye Island, ca. 1970

Contributed by Frye Island Historical Society
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Community Center view, Frye Island, ca. 1970
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Leisure Living constructed the Frye Island Community Center in 1972. At the time of construction, it was possible to view Sebago Lake from the Community Center as this man appears to be doing. Over time, trees have obstructed the view.

Leisure Living spent a great deal of time and money building the infrastructure of what they called a wilderness resort, including the Community Center.

Portland Water District did not approve the plan to build 1500 cottages on the island, limiting the number of cottages to 750. At that point, Leisure Living filed bankruptcy. The island was sold to the owners of the approximately 70 original cottages for the sum of $1.00. The owners later organized to form Frye Island, Inc. an owner operated community.

The Frye Island Community Center continues to be very active and will undergo renovations in 2022.

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