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Farm house and barn, Frye Island, ca. 1870

Contributed by Frye Island Historical Society
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Farm house and barn, Frye Island, ca. 1870
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Noah Hooper occupied this farmhouse on the hill on the northeast portion of Frye Island. No records of taxes paid by Noah Hooper exist, so he and his family either rented this house on Frye Island for farming or were tenant farmers for Horatio Jose.

Jose was the recorded owner from 1870 to 1893, and was a non-resident taxpayer from Portland. Horatio Jose reportedly owned 1000 acres, the house, barn, 60 sheep, and 58 horses on Frye Island.

Horatio N. Jose (1819-1886) was a prominent Portland banker and railroad director. He was married to Nancy B. Hooper, thought to be a sister to Noah Hooper.

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